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My Star Trek fics: Masterpost

A list of my attempts at slash fiction:
follow the cutCollapse )

Patrick & Jack in Adventureland: Masterpost

I think they deserve a masterpost on their own, so here it is.
The pieces are listed in the correct chronological order in the series.
The timeline is tentative but it could prove useful to orient yourselves.

The SagaCollapse )

More stories will be added as they are written.
Another overdue entry. I know, I know. I suck.
(mazaher, on the other hand, is a gift. This piece is a joy to look at, and it's all her doing.)


It's December, 1899.
Patrick is away on a concert tour on the Continent.
Jack is missing him.
Will they celebrate the new century together?


dear heart...
To say that this entry is overdue would be understatement of the year.


1886, Easter vacation. Jack and Patrick, on their first trip together, visit a very special place in Dublin. Report care of mazaher and yours truly.

Push on the to the heavy glass double door.

Patrick & Jack in Adventureland: Patterns

Some time in autumn, 1898.
Co-written with mazaher, whose description of Jack's early night at Portora took my breath away. It's always a honor, friend.


To the music room!

The long-awaited response to mazaher's third prompt, that is, Patrick and Jack among books. With a dash of angst, as per usual.


courthsip by quotes

What happened after they got home.


This way to 221B Baker Street: http://www.mazaher.org/SH_carpe-diem.pdf
(by mazaher, Holmes' pov)

This way to Patrick's: http://www.mazaher.org/JP_ripples.pdf
(by athens7, Jack's pov)


Patrick & Jack in Adventureland: Tidbits

mazaher prompted me again, and again I answered. The resulting promptfic prompted mazaher to add her own tidbit. All in all, P and J eat a lot.


Please, take your seat.

Crossover: Mudita (P/J, Holmes/Watson)

On the evening of December 3, 1900, Jack and Patrick meet Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson on the 9:15 from Dover to Victoria Station.


Here we are, gentlemen, please enjoy your journey.
In a moment of madness, I told mazaher that I was taking prompts. She promptly (pun most certainly intended) replied: "Out of the top of my head, what about this one: J catches P writing. Either expressly about J, or their relationship, or fiction, which however can be in some way related to J, or their relationship. It would make a pair with 'Music soaking my spine', where P caught J drawing him. Please?"
The plot bunny hit me then, hard, and the only cure was to write. So, here it is, in all its melodramatic angst (because apparently I'm incapable of writing fluff).

The TricksterCollapse )