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My Star Trek fics: Masterpost

A list of my attempts at slash fiction:

Ashes to ashes
(ST:XI) K/S, R. In the aftermath of Gary Mitchell’s death, Jim and Spock are offered the opportunity to finally overcome their divergencies and reveal their true feelings. Sort of reboot version of “Where no man has gone before” (you don’t need to know the episode in detail though, as all the main points are condensed in the first part of the story).

Space Oddity
(ST:XI) K/S, PG. On the Vulcan colony, Jim Kirk pays visit to an old friend. Memories are a blessing, and a curse.

'Senses' series (co-written with mazaher):
(ST:XI) K/S, R. A first time fic, mainly a character study with some angst and even a bit of h/c, set in the Reboot 'verse and divided in five chapters (a chapter for each sense of the human/vulcan body). First person POV.

Senses: 1.Touch

Senses: 2.Taste

Senses: 3.Sight

Senses: 4.Smell

Senses: 5.Hearing

Go watch the trailer by the awesome darlapr0duction!
Tags: fanfic, k/s, mazaher&i, reboot, star trek, writing

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