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you always come back to me

So here I was, slouched on the sofa, listening to Chemical Brothers and Anna Calvi and Suede, thinking about all the important, university-related things I wasn't doing, duty, sickness, Kirk and Spock, Courts of Honor, l'ennui,
WHAM! An epiphany occurred.
On the television screen, fleeting images of the Golden Globe Ceremony go by (a commercial, a replica, who cares, that's not the point) and then... I see him.
Best performance by an actor in a mini-series... for "You don't know Jack"... Al Pacino!

WHUT?! FUCKING WHUT?! Stop the press! Al played a new role and I knew nothing about it?! Where have I been living in the past- oh I dunno- two or three years? Shame on me! Shame shame shame!
Oh Al, I can't leave you alone for a minute and what do you do? You win another Golden Globe! Hah! (and, wait a sec-- who's there to award him? Geoffrey Rush and Tilda Swinton! *nerdgasm* just how awesome this man is?) Take this, Bob-DozingBull-De Niro! Yeah, keep producing and filming rubbish with Ben Stiller, thank Marlon Brando and all the Gods in the Walk of Fame we have good ol' Al to remind us how good acting feels like.
(but... Will he ever age? He looks fabulous, always. And just how cute is the fact that he gets still excited when called on the stage?)

I. Must. Watch. This. Like, yesterday.
(and there's John Goodman! Wow, they were amazing together in 'Sea of love'. One of the most improbable couples of cops in the genre history, if you ask me, but they had this odd chemistry between them that somehow worked)

/End of the Rant/
Thanks for your attention.

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