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it's that time of the year again...

... where Les Fleurs du Mal makes its appearance on my nightstand.
(that's a lie. I'm reading Campbell's "The Hero with a Thousand Faces"
and every word I read makes me feel less alone.)
but the point is
I think I need to say first
I do not seek death
I am not suicidal, I don't think
(I like to imagine just how exactly I should cut the vein
to draw the most amount of blood in the shortest span of time
but that's intellectual exercise)
but the point is
should a double-decker bus kill me tomorrow
considering the scheme of things
I don't think I'd mind so much
I'm not afraid of dying
anytime will do, I suppose.
Some time after Reichenbach, Patrick Moriarty and Jack Waszowski settle their differences about ...their height difference.
This way to the correct altitude.


Patrick & Jack in Adventureland: Weaving

When it all began.
The first encounter, under a frosted sky.
So many times it happened in my head, and now here it is, out in the (real?) world.


this way to the courtyard .


co-written, as always, with mazaher.
Jack and Patrick in their old age, many years after the photograph taken in April, 1897.
As usual, Jack in Courier New and Patrick in Verdana.
Summer written by mazaher, Winter written by me.
Both the garden and the pasture are mazaher's.


This way to a sunny day: Summer


This way to a chilly morning: Winter


Patrick & Jack in Adventureland: Hokusaï

Just mazaher being awesome.
Follow Patrick and Jack to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Prints at an exhibition: Hokusaï

Patrick & Jack in Adventureland: Bloodshed

One evening in Geneva, before "Catharsis".
(mazaher as Jack, athens7 as Patrick.)


This way for Room 221 at the Hôtel Helvétie.

panic attack

my strong body a warm blanket
over the night of your raging mind.

right now, I know that my greatest fear is
to have regrets.
People live and die; they grow old, suffer, learn, lose. Sometimes they find happiness and sense, and then finally come to pass. Their feelings are as intense as they are volatile. But something carries on just the same, reaching across time and light and space, emerging unscathed through the eras, immortal as long as there is life and other people ready to listen and understand.

This is what Frozen in Time is all about, really.

Words by mazaher, drawing by me.

(((May the road rise to meet you,
may the wind be always at your back.
may the sun shine warm upon your face.
Thank you, friend.)))

Patrick & Jack in Adventureland: The Wait

Once again, not only mazaher did not laugh at my old, naif drawings: she also found wonderful, touching words to accompany them.
Follow the link to see/read the results.

The Wait